What Are Vacation Loans?

You might have been planning to go on a vacation with your friends, to travel around and to explore different places. We all have dream places that we want to visit but might be restricted by the lack of funds. If you are going for a trip, make it a good one. Vacation loans are here to help you financially so that you can enjoy your holiday with your friends and family.

We all love vacations and travelling with friends will probably give you the most unforgettable experience ever.

Perhaps you are currently schooling, studying hard for your exams, burning the midnight oil for endless projects and assignments. School life is busy and one day your course mate suggests a vacation once exams are over. It could be a short trip to Bangkok Thailand, a shopping trip to Korea, a road trip at Australia or many other places such as Japan, England and more. You really want to go, you don’t want to be left out or a spoilsport, but you are already struggling to make ends meet.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Travel While You Are Young.

You might often hear people telling you things like, “Hey, travel while you are young, while you are healthy and free. Go see the world, go have fun and take on all kinds of adventures while you can.”. Time is precious and we are only young once. Take a dive at Cairns Australia, challenge yourself and climb the Mount Batur in Bali, snorkel at Palawan, Philippines. Go for a shopping trip at Korea, relax in an onsen in Japan, visit Hong Kong Disneyland or simple relax at the many holiday resorts in Vietnam. There are so many places to travel to, food to eat and the best part about all these vacations is the memories you make with your friends.

How much will you need for your trip?

Not only do you have to account for the flight costs and accommodation fees, you will also need to set aside money for your expenses.

DestinationCost of Roundtrip AirfarePrice of Accommodation/NightExpensesTotal Cost for a 1-Week Trip
Bangkok Thailand$200$55$500$1,085
Seoul, South Korea$520$70$900$1,910
Tokyo, Japan$650$70$900$2,040
Sydney, Australia$750$90$900$2,280
DestinationCost of Roundtrip AirfarePrice of Accommodation/NightExpensesTotal Cost for a 1-Week Trip
Bangkok ThailandAirfare: $200 Accommodation/Night: $55Expenses: $500Total Cost for 1-Week trip: $1,085

Airfare: $310

Accommodation/Night: $48

Expenses: $700

Total Cost for 1-Week trip: $1,346

Seoul, South KoreaAirfare: $520Accommodation/Night: $70Expenses: $900Total Cost for 1-Week trip: $1,910
Tokyo, JapanAirfare: $650Accommodation/Night: $70Expenses: $900Total Cost for 1-Week trip: $2,040
Sydney, AustraliaAirfare: $750Accommodation/Night: $90Expenses: $900Total Cost for 1-Week trip: $2,280

These costs are based on the average ticket costs and it is the price for one traveller. Longer trips or better food and accommodation will definitely cost more. With all the factors and fees, do you have enough funds for your vacation?

What We Can Do For You

Just because you don’t have enough money doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your vacation with your friends. Student Loan Care believes that to fully help a person grow, we should not only support their education, but ensure that they have enough rest and opportunities. We offer vacation loans for students who want to travel during their holidays. Sometimes, we deserve a reward for working so hard through the semester.

What we offer:

Flexible repayment

You can choose a monthly repayment amount that will not strain your finances. It is important that you are comfortable with the repayment amount.

Lower interest rates

We provide lower interest rates as compared to other financial institutions. This means that you will pay a lower total cost if you choose to get a loan from us.

Friendly loan advisors

We understand how scary it can be to get a loan and to deal with all these financial matters. It is a serious long-term commitment. Don’t worry as our knowledgeable and patient advisors will be happy to address all your questions.

Flexible loan tenure

You can choose the amount of time you wish to take to repay your loan. You can choose to repay your loan within a year, four years or more. We are able to work out a personalised time frame so that you can focus on what is important to you: your studies.

Borrow up to 10x your income

We are able to provide loans up to 10 times your income, depending on individual’s profile. This is less restrictive as compared to other institutions and this means that you can get a larger loan for your education. We are here to listen to your story and provide you with as much help as possible.

Short processing time and fast approval

We understand that time is precious and you might urgently need cash for your education. Once you have submitted your details, we will contact you within 24 hours so that you can get the cash as quickly as possible. This means that you don’t have wait for days or weeks to get money for your school fees.

“There is an unspoken bond you create with the friends you travel with.”

Kristen Sarah